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An Illustrated History of Campton Township, Kane County, Illinois - SOLD OUT!! Thank you for your business!!  Any other requests, please email the author and when enough orders come in, we will order a third printing (

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Awards and Honors

*Featured at 2017 New England Regional Genealogical Consortium (NERGC)

*Honored at Garfield Farm Awards Banquet, 2017

*Won award for "Outstanding Support and Service to the Corron Farm Preservation Society," April 2017

*Featured in 'Glancer' Magazine, August 2017

*Author selected as Dignitary for Wessels Sherman Law Firm, December 2017

*Book praised in "The Fairfield-Campton Crier," December 2017

*Purchased by several local libraries and institutions

Limited print run - SOLD OUT

Over 500 Illustrations

Vast majority have never before been published

Coverage of all early Schools, Churches

Two chapters on early Swedish settlers

More than 100 Families Covered, 800+ pages of Text

First 200 copies will be signed by author, free of charge

Rare social scenes, dating to 1890s

Images acquired from scores of sources

Are you a Campton Township resident?

Chapters in this new publication (copyright 2017) cover Lily Lake, Wasco, Gray Willow, Campton Hills, and all portions of the town.  Purchase a copy for your friend or family member - a perfect gift for those that live near or far.